Does My Web Site Need An SSL Certificate?

Does your web site need to be secure?  Do you really need to spend the money and time purchasing and setting up SSL for your site?

This is actually a very simple question to answer if you don't want to think about it too hard.  The best way to determine whether or not your web site should have SSL encryption is to ask yourself this simple question:

Does anyone, including me, log in to my web site with a username and password?

If the answer to this question is Yes, then you probably should purchase an SSL cert for your web site to protect against one of your users, or worse, your admin credentials being exposed to a third party.

Why Is The Internet So Slow? Updates.

Why is every other web site on the internet slow right now?  The answer is most likely the heartbleed vulnerability which was released on April 8th of 2014.  The vulnerability is a bug in OpenSSL, the most popular software that is used as a security component for countless other programs including popular web server applications.  It is not known how long this has been privately known or how many hackers or other exploiters have known about this bug, but it affects OpenSSL versions that were released from 2012 through versions released as recently as 2014.  This means this the impact of this bug is incredibly widespread, and the danger in not immediately correcting the issue is also significant.

How To Fix Reboot Loop Sysprep Error

Error:  "Windows could not finish configuring the system.  To attempt to resume configuration, restart the computer."

When sysprepping a new image there is a chance that a corrupt or invalid registry key can cause the system to become stuck in an endless loop of of system configuration.  Many users will get stuck in a situation in which they have spent many hours perfecting an image only to have gathered an image that does not come out of Sysprep configuration.  If you find yourself stuck in this situation, there is a way to figure out exactly what registry key is causing your sysprep to fail, so then you don't have to slowly install every program until you find which software is causing the problem.

This issue is caused by a registry key or registry keys that are:

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