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2014 NFL Draft Quarterback Wonderlic Scores Released

Quarterback Wonderlic scores for almost all of the 2014 class of QB prospects have finally leaked.  Official Wonderlic scores are considered private by NFL rule so please consider the following scores to be unofficial.  The Milwaukee Journal-Sentinal is the source of these scores.  Jeff Matthews scored the highest with a 40 while Johnny Manziel lead the way amongst the QBs considered for the 1st round of the draft.  Jimmy Garoppolo was previously reported to have scored a 24 but that has been updated to a 29.

NFL Draft Prospect Wonderlic Scores - Updated

As the NFL Draft draws closer more Wonderlic scores begin to emerge from top prospects.  Bob McGinn of the Milwaukee Journal-Sential Provides a look at the Wide Receiver and Tight End prospects for the 2014 NFL Draft Class, and reveals many always unofficial Wonderlic scores.  Wonderlic scores reflect the highest score of multiple attempts, and conflicting reports are usually the result of multilple attempts at the Wonderlic.

2014 Quarterback Wonderlic Scores:

2014 NFL Draft Prospect Wonderlic Scores

The Wonderlic test is administered yearly at the NFL scouting combine.  Each prospect takes the test each year but only some of the results are ever leaked to the public.  Wonderlic scores are considered private by the NFL, with team personnel threatened with serious consequences if they are responsible for information leaking out.  For that reason, consider NFL pre-draft Wonderlic score posted here to be unofficial, however the scores are often widely reported.  We have the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel and Albert Breer on Twitter to thank for the below scores.

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