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2016 Fantasy Football Rankings (Standard Leagues)

Below are my 2016 fantasy football rankings for standard leagues.   ADP for each player at the time of writing is parenthesis after each players' listing and is from consensus ADP data.  

  • Players who I rank well above ADP
  • Players who I rank well below ADP

2016 Fantasy Football Rankings (Standard Leagues)

FanDuel Fantasy Football Strategy - Picking A Lineup

As most weekly fantasy football players know, FanDuel fantasy football offers a weekly lineup based on salary caps usually up to $60,000.  The best strategy when choosing a lineup differs slightly from game to game, but as a general rule you should structure your lineup in a more conservative fashion for games in which you have to defeat fewer opponents - for example you should be more conservative in a Double Up (top 50% of teams get paid out) than you would be in a Quadruple Up (top 25% of teams get paid out).  Taking this into consideration, the same strategy can be applied to all FanDuel games because in almost any game you want to try to score the most possible points to give yourself the best chance of finishing in the money.

Fantasy Football Rankings (Redraft - Standard Scoring)

As training camps come to a close and fantasy drafts ramp up,  the pre-draft fantasy rankings for 2014 for standard scoring redraft leagues are coming together.  Several players on the list are ranked lower than their ADP and consensus rankings.  Dez Bryant and Demarco Murray could fall victim to gamescript issues in Dallas, where the defense may not allow the offense to get enough snaps to be productive.  Montee Ball is a high upside high risk player who could potentially lose snaps with a few missed pass blocking assignments.  Players ranking higher in these rankings than the consensus are Julio Jones, who was the highest scoring WR before he was injured in 2014 but is also a higher risk player due to the risk of a recurrent foot injury.  Rob Gronkowski is another high risk player who is highly ranked, but every football player has a certain risk of being injured.

QBFlex/SuperFlex/2QB Fantasy Football Rankings - Updated

QBFlex/SuperFlex and 2QB league rankings have been updated as of 8/17/2014.  Players who have risen in the rankings are highlighed marked  UP  and players who have fallen are marked  DOWN . With cuts, injuries and other news out of training camp developing and preseason games to watch, there is sure to be movement in the rankings as we draw closer to the start of the fantasy football season.

Draft Strategy for Return Yardage Fantasy Football Leagues

Return yardage leagues put a different spin on fantasy football that has a fairly significant impact on developing a winning draft strategy.  The standard return yardage league format typically grants 1 point for every 10 yards of either punt or kick return yardage in addition to standard fantasy football scoring.  While kick return yardage has been declining over the years due to NFL rule changes, this dramatically changes the player pool and with it your draft strategy.

SuperFlex and 2QB Fantasy Football Rankings for 2014

QBFlex/SuperFlex/2QB Leagues have far different rankings than standard leagues due to the vastly increased value of the quarterback position.  In QBFlex leagues there is also one fewer RB/WR/TE (the normal FLEX) spot because most often the SuperFlex position will be filled with a QB in a QBFlex league.  For leagues in which there is only one FLEX and it is a SuperFlex, RB value takes a hit.  It is assumed that most leagues are now starting 3 WR due to the depth at the position. 

SuperFlex Draft Strategy for QBFlex and 2QB Fantasy Football Leagues

Fantasy football leagues that feature a second starting quarterback position or QB Flex (AKA "SuperFlex") position per team require a much different draft strategy than a standard league.  In both standard and PPR QBFlex formats the quarterback position is much more valuable than it is in standard leagues, though slightly less so in PPR as obviously QBs do not accumulate receptions.  An increasingly popular strategy in standard fantasy leagues is to wait to draft a QB until late in the draft due to the depth at the position, however that depth is entirely utilized in a 2 QB format rendering that strategy generally detrimental.  Teams lacking elite QBs will be at a significant weekly disadvantage against those who possess the top tier signal callers, and this should not be underestimated in this format.

Fantasy Football Deep Sleepers 2014

Who is this year's Andre Ellington or Zac Stacy, bursting onto the scene out of the depths of fantasy irrelavence? The answer could win you your fantasy league in this season and beyond. When angling for deep sleepers in dynasty/keeper/deep leagues the most important thing to look for is talent.  You want a player who is talented enough that he can seize the first opportunity he gets and force himself into continued playing time where he can showcase his talent on the field.  We're looking for players with as high of ceilings as possible, but looking deep means that the risk of these players never even becoming relevant is real.  Many of these players might not even make their current roster or have injury or character concerns that have lead to their lowered ranking, but the talent is there if they can break through and most currently carry an undrafted ADP.

Super Deep Sleepers 2014:

Fantasy Football Sleepers and Undervalued Players 2014

Hitting on late round draft picks obviously makes a huge difference in a fantasy season.  Every year we see starter production from sleepers and even deep sleepers and 2013 was no stranger.  The Quarterback position saw Andy Dalton and Philip Rivers finish 3rd and 6th in standard leagues despite undrafted ADP.  Sleeper running backs included Knowshon Moreno (finished 5th), Ryan Mathews (12th), Zac Stacy (18th) and more.  At Wide Receiver we saw Josh Gordon come back from his suspension and finish 1st overall with Alshon Jeffery and Keenan Allen putting up huge production out of nowhere.  Tight End saw Julius Thomas go from late round ADP to finishing 3rd at TE with Jordan Cameron finishing 4th and Charles Clay finishing 7th.  The fantasy football gods will soon reveal the sleepers and undervalued players who can win you a fantasy championship in 2014, here is a preview of who we think they might be.  

Fantasy Football Mock Draft

This preseason 2014 fantasy football snake mock draft will feature 12 teams, standard scoring league with 4 pts per passing TD.  Teams will start 1 QB, 2 RB, 3 WR, 1 TE, 1 FLEX (RB/WR/TE), 1 K, 1 DST and will have 5 bench spots each.  

Round 1:

  1. LeSean McCoy
  2. Jamaal Charles
  3. Adrian Peterson
  4. Matt Forte
  5. Calvin Johnson
  6. Jimmy Graham
  7. Eddie Lacy
  8. Marshawn Lynch
  9. Demaryius Thomas
  10. AJ Green
  11. Dez Bryant
  12. Julio Jones

Round 2: 

  1. Brandon Marshall
  2. DeMarco Murray
  3. Arian Foster
  4. Peyton Manning
  5. Montee Ball
  6. Le'Veon Bell
  7. Jordy Nelson
  8. Giovanni Bernard
  9. Alshon Jeffery
  10. Randall Cobb
  11. Antonio Brown
  12. Aaron Rodgers

Round 3:


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