Daily Fantasy Baseball Forecast for Monday, June 01, 2015

Warren Gray here for another day of daily fantasy Fantasy Baseball recommendations. This column offers a general overview for the days baseball games. We will evaluate who is predicted to be the winning teams, high scoring games, low scoring games, potential rain-outs, and starting pitchers who could be a very good start in daily fantasy baseball. Each day I scrutinize the schedule of baseball games and try to determine the best games to stack players from or stay away from for daily fantasy baseball. Today's DFB expectations are for June 01, 2015. There is not a full docket of games today, only 22 teams are playing today. It should be a very exciting day as many teams are poised to score runs in bunches. You should also prepare for at least a single game today to provide a quiet day on the offensive side of the ball. We will examine the specifics of both of the outlier games shortly.

Daily Fantasy Baseball Forecast for Saturday, May 30, 2015

Good morning, baseball fans and DFS fantasy baseball players. Warren Gray back to examine today's slate of baseball games and provide a DFS Baseball forecast. This column provides readers with a high level outlook for the days baseball games. We will examine which teams we predict to be the winners, slugfests, pitcher's duels, potential rain-outs, and starting pitchers who might be a good option. In each edition of our daily series we examine the baseball games in search of the best baseball games to target for DFS plays. Today's DFS predictions are for May 30, 2015, and as usual for a Saturday we have a full slate of games to pick from today. Today we have a game that expected to be an excellent choice for DFS offense, with details to follow. Those games also include at least one likely pitcher's duel for the second day in a row. We will examine the details of both of the outlier games shortly.

Daily Fantasy Baseball Forecast for Thursday, May 28, 2015

It's time for another day of daily fantasy baseball predictions for DFS baseball. This column offers readers a high level outlook for the days baseball games. We will examine who we predict to be the winning teams, high scoring games, low scoring games, potential weather issues to avoid, and starting pitchers who might be good DFS plays. Each day we examine the day ahead in baseball and attempt to forecast the DFS environment. Today's DFB predictions are for May 28, 2015. Some times have a day off today, only 16 teams are playing today. Today's DFB predictions are for May 28, 2015. Some times have a day off today, only 16 teams are playing today. Prepare for at least one game today to provide plenty of runs with more on that topic coming later. We also have a game that is expected to be an excellent choice for DFS starting pitching as we expect very little offense. We will examine the details of both of the outlier games shortly.

Ohio State wins 2015 NCAA Football Championship in between excessive commercials

The Ohio State Buckeyes defeated the Oregon Ducks in the first ever NCAA Football Playoff Championship game by a score of 42-20.  Ohio State controlled the game most of the way through despite turning the ball over 4 times on their way to a 6th national championship.

Perhaps overshadowing the game was the excessive advertising and commercialization of a sport that does not pay the talent.  There were 6 advertisements before Ohio State even scored, and the game took over 4 hours to complete vs the ordinary NCAA football game which lasts slightly over 3 hours.  This wasn't an overtime thriller that required such excessive length, it was due to the ridiculous amounts of advertising.  With commercials fetching $1 million according to AdvertisingAge, it seems an unnecessarily greedy move by ESPN and the NCAA.

2014 NCAA Basketball Preseason Top 25 Rankings

October is upon us and the NCAA Basketball season will begin at the end of the month.  As with any NCAA basketball preseason list, you can expect it to look entirely different by the time teams get into their conference schedules at the end of December.  The top 6 to 8 teams this year are strong enough to set themselves apart from the rest.  Kansas may have a difficult time proving it is the best team in the state of Kansas with Wichita State returning an extremely strong roster.  Wisconsin loses very little talent and Kentucky returns significant talent as well.  Nebraska, Southern Methodist and Harvard have been strangers to such lists in recent years, but strong teams at both of those schools should support the high early season ranking.

FanDuel Fantasy Football Strategy - Picking A Lineup

As most weekly fantasy football players know, FanDuel fantasy football offers a weekly lineup based on salary caps usually up to $60,000.  The best strategy when choosing a lineup differs slightly from game to game, but as a general rule you should structure your lineup in a more conservative fashion for games in which you have to defeat fewer opponents - for example you should be more conservative in a Double Up (top 50% of teams get paid out) than you would be in a Quadruple Up (top 25% of teams get paid out).  Taking this into consideration, the same strategy can be applied to all FanDuel games because in almost any game you want to try to score the most possible points to give yourself the best chance of finishing in the money.

Fantasy Football Rankings (Redraft - Standard Scoring)

As training camps come to a close and fantasy drafts ramp up,  the pre-draft fantasy rankings for 2014 for standard scoring redraft leagues are coming together.  Several players on the list are ranked lower than their ADP and consensus rankings.  Dez Bryant and Demarco Murray could fall victim to gamescript issues in Dallas, where the defense may not allow the offense to get enough snaps to be productive.  Montee Ball is a high upside high risk player who could potentially lose snaps with a few missed pass blocking assignments.  Players ranking higher in these rankings than the consensus are Julio Jones, who was the highest scoring WR before he was injured in 2014 but is also a higher risk player due to the risk of a recurrent foot injury.  Rob Gronkowski is another high risk player who is highly ranked, but every football player has a certain risk of being injured.

QBFlex/SuperFlex/2QB Fantasy Football Rankings - Updated

QBFlex/SuperFlex and 2QB league rankings have been updated as of 8/17/2014.  Players who have risen in the rankings are highlighed marked  UP  and players who have fallen are marked  DOWN . With cuts, injuries and other news out of training camp developing and preseason games to watch, there is sure to be movement in the rankings as we draw closer to the start of the fantasy football season.

Draft Strategy for Return Yardage Fantasy Football Leagues

Return yardage leagues put a different spin on fantasy football that has a fairly significant impact on developing a winning draft strategy.  The standard return yardage league format typically grants 1 point for every 10 yards of either punt or kick return yardage in addition to standard fantasy football scoring.  While kick return yardage has been declining over the years due to NFL rule changes, this dramatically changes the player pool and with it your draft strategy.

SuperFlex and 2QB Fantasy Football Rankings for 2014

QBFlex/SuperFlex/2QB Leagues have far different rankings than standard leagues due to the vastly increased value of the quarterback position.  In QBFlex leagues there is also one fewer RB/WR/TE (the normal FLEX) spot because most often the SuperFlex position will be filled with a QB in a QBFlex league.  For leagues in which there is only one FLEX and it is a SuperFlex, RB value takes a hit.  It is assumed that most leagues are now starting 3 WR due to the depth at the position. 


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