Destiny: What are the chances of getting Exotic gear?

Destiny is at a stage where many players are working to collect the last few pieces of exotic gear in Destiny, and others are just beginning a collection. There are many ways to get exotic gear in Destiny.  Exotic weapons drop from Crucible matches, Vanguard Strikes, Legendary Engrams, Raid Chests/Bosses and Nightfalls and Xur sells a random exotic weapon each week.  Exotic armor drops from Nightfalls and Legendary Engrams, and Xur also sells 1 item per class each week. 

The numbers used in these calculations are rough estimates based on a smaller sample size of user data derived from community posts.

It will come as no shock to Destiny fans that your best chances of getting any particular Exotic weapon or armor are from Xur selling it on the weekends.Good luck!

Exotic Weapon:

Crucible Match - 1/500

Vanguard Strike - 1/50

Legendary Engram - 1/50

Nightfall - 1/10

Destiny Powergaming Guide - Part 1: Level Up

Destiny is a very time consuming game, so many powergamers want to take every shortcut possible to cut down on the time investment while still enjoying the game.  Most things in Destiny can be "Powergamed," and this guide will tell you how to powergame your way to the top of the ranks in great detail.  The first step in your journey is leveling your charector.

Level Up

The quickest way to level up invovles, obviously, doing the things that get you the most XP.  Bounties will become available once you hit level 4, so play either the story or the Crucible (Control) until you hit level 4.  When you hit level 4, go to the tower and complete all of the bounties offered by Xander 99-40.  Once you have completed ONE of the initial bounties offered, head back to Xander as he will have more bounties available for you to choose from.  Since you can hold 10 bounties, grab all of them.

5 Destiny Bugs That Bungie Should Fix ASAP

In an age when it seems that no game launches without plenty of preventable bugs, Bungie's shooter/MMO hybrid Destiny has been a refreshing surprise.  Not only was it refreshing that there were few if any "game-breaking" bugs, but Bungie acted quickly to release patches within the first few weeks of launch.  Bungie also continues to update the game which is almost unheard of in the console world.  

Despite a relatively bug-free launch, a number of rather painful bugs have surfaced that most would like to see fixed immediately, some presumably related to recent patches and others that have just been recently noticed by the community.  Most of these bugs seem like they would be rather easy to fix, so we can hope that they will be patched in the next release. 

5 Destiny Bugs that need quick fixes:

1.  Losing Special and Heavy Ammo When You Die

5 Things Bungie Can Do To Improve Destiny

Popular game studio Bungie released Destiny amidst huge success in September, and they hope to keep that success rolling through releases from competing franchises such as Call of Duty and Assassin's Creed.  In order to ensure continued player interest through the release of Destiny's first expansion pack which is set to feature a handful of new maps, missions, strikes and raids, Bungie will need to continue to improve the Destiny experience.  To date, Bungie has done an excellent job of quickly patching issues and responding to the Destiny community.  Here are five things Bungie can do to continue to improve the game as they move toward the release of expansion pack number one.

1. Add Voice Chat Support

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