The Top 5 Value Cars for 2015

The top 5 cars for overall value in 2015 are based on overall price, gas mileage, maintenance costs, repair costs, and other factors that are involved with owning a car.  Many cars have a similar sticker prices but radically different total cost of ownership.  The difference is cost of ownership is often related to several factors such as frequency and difficulty of scheduled maintenance, overall reliability of the car, initial price, effeciency, etc.  One important factor to recognize when purchasing a new vehicle is that over a 5 year period you will likely only save a few thousand dollars by "going cheap" with a Subcompact or Compact car.  The best values are typically the better value mid-size cars as total cost of ownership escalates much more quickly between mid-Size and full-size than it does between subcompact and compact or compact and mid-size.  A good value Subcompact car may cost around $26,000 over a 5 year period vs $28,000 for a Compact car.  A $28,000 Compact car is only $3,000 less over a 5 year period than a good value Mid-size car with 5 year cost around $31,000.  A good value in a full size car in a typical model year will cost the owner upwards of $41,000 per year so it seems that diminishing returns set in after the Mid-size class.  Engine style and other features also play in to the decision.

The top 5 value cars for 2015:

  1. 2015 Honda Accord - high reliability and lower need for repairs and maintenance than other cars in it's class.
  2. 2015 Toyota Avalon - very reliable but may require more expensive repairs in the best value full size sedan.
  3. 2015 Nissan Altima - Altima claims to get back to excellent 2013 value.
  4. 2015 Subaru Legacy - The New Subaru Legacy aims for effeciency improvements with more interior space
  5. 2015 Toyota Camry - Excellent vehicle but higher cost for repairs and maintenance than the competition.

Honda tops the list for the best value sporting high reliablity as well as lower maintenance costs.  The divide between mid-size and full-size cars may be increasing in terms of value.  Full-size cars seem to be fancier while mid-sized cars are getting bigger in their intererior space while getting better gas mileage as effeciency as become an important feature.  The top 5 cars have not been fully tested and this list is based on vendor specifications.

photo credit: Rennett Stowe via photopin cc