Socks With Sandals - Embrace It!

Socks with sandals has been a fashion faux pas for decades, but the stigma may finally be lifting.  Logically speaking, not wearing socks with sandals has always been an idiotic notion because we all love socks, we all love sandals and the combination is simply quite comfortable.  Socks with sandals offer just the right amount of foot warmth while allowing for ideal breathability due to the sandal.  Wearing socks and sandals at the same time used to put one in a "fanny pack" classification of fashion, however even the most hardcore fashionista critic must agree that wearing a comfortable pair of socks with just about any non-thong sandal is about as comfortable as footwear gets - especially for anyone suffering from foot odor or food dampness. 

Several celebrities have been spotted rocking socks with their sandals, including Jake Gyllenhaal and the Olsen twins.  Socks with sandals have also shown up on the fashion runway, so quit being uptight and embrace the comfort factor.  It's really only a matter of time before the rest of us catch on that it's simply too comfortable not to do.

It's simple, really.  Socks are good.  Sandals are good.  How can Socks + Sandals be bad?  The answer is, it can't unless you are simply unable to break the habit of cringing at the sight.  Those suffering from foot fungus, sweaty or stinky feet because of confining shoes figured this out long ago, but it's up to the rest of us to embrace the comfort and stamp out the stigma.  Wear your socks with sandals proudly in 2014.

photo credit: Jon Ward via flickr cc