Destiny Powergaming Guide - Part 1: Level Up

Destiny is a very time consuming game, so many powergamers want to take every shortcut possible to cut down on the time investment while still enjoying the game.  Most things in Destiny can be "Powergamed," and this guide will tell you how to powergame your way to the top of the ranks in great detail.  The first step in your journey is leveling your charector.

Level Up

The quickest way to level up invovles, obviously, doing the things that get you the most XP.  Bounties will become available once you hit level 4, so play either the story or the Crucible (Control) until you hit level 4.  When you hit level 4, go to the tower and complete all of the bounties offered by Xander 99-40.  Once you have completed ONE of the initial bounties offered, head back to Xander as he will have more bounties available for you to choose from.  Since you can hold 10 bounties, grab all of them.

Tip:  Whenever you play Crucuible or Vanguard activities, make sure you have the appropriate bounties.

One of the best ways to level up quickly is by playing through the story on the hardest available mode, as the hardest available mode gives bonus XP.  The higher the level setting the more XP rewarded.  This means that you can "save" the story missions until you are at a higher level, which can be achieved in the Crucible.  Play Control and finish all the bounties that you can until you reach level 10.  At level 10 Xander 99-40 should be offering 14 available bounties instead of just 6, and you should attempt to complete all of the bounties that you can.

Tip:  Don't spend ANY Hadronic Essense\Plasteel Plating\Sapphire Wire on upgrades, but DO level (but do not upgrade) each piece of gear to max XP before you break it down because it will give more materials than an unleveled peice.

After you have completed a round of bounties available at Level 10, you should be ready to take on the story missions at a higher level.  Now that you are Level 12 or 13 you should be able to play the missions on a much harder setting, which will give you much more XP.  The "Easy" default lvl story mode gives around 2000 XP, while the "Hard" lvl 28 gives 7500 XP.  You want to complete the hardest mode that your level allows for max XP.

If you don't like Story missions, you can simply play Crucible matches (Control) repeatedly while completing bounties.  This is a bit slower than powergaming the story missions as well, but some players will enjoy the Curcible grind much more.

Part 2: Get Exotic and Legendary Gear is coming soon


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