Daily Fantasy Baseball Forecast for Wednesday, August 05, 2015

Good morning, daily fantasy fantasy baseball players and baseball fans. Here are the game overviews for today for daily fantasy Baseball, provided by Warren Gray. This column provides readers with a high level overview for the days baseball games. We will take a look at which teams we predict to be the winners, slugfests, pitcher's duels, potential rain-outs, and starting pitchers who might be a very good option. In each edition of our daily series we investigate the baseball games in search of the best baseball games to target for daily fantasy plays. Today's daily fantasy forecasts are for August 05, 2015, and as usual for a Wednesday we all 30 teams are in action. Get ready to load your daily fantasy line up with players from multiple teams projected to put up high run totals today. It should also be an exciting day as pitching is poised to prevail at worst one game. We will examine the specifics of both of the outlier games shortly. Let's get started with the daily fantasy outlook for the day.


Projected Winners and Losers

Now we will investigate which teams are predicted to win today. Great Matchups are games in which the odds of the favored team winning are relatively high compared to the average game. Average matchups describe games that the favored team has a very good chance to win, and coin flips indicate games that are just too close to call with any confidence. Probable pitchers are listed in parenthesis.

Great Matchups

  • Washington (Gio Gonzalez-LHP) -over- Arizona (Rubby De La Rosa-RHP)
  • L.A. Dodgers (Brett Anderson-LHP) -over- Philadelphia (Aaron Harang-RHP)
  • San Francisco (Madison Bumgarner-LHP) -over- Atlanta (Williams Perez-RHP)
  • St. Louis (Carlos Martinez-RHP) -over- Cincinnati (David Holmberg-LHP)
  • N.Y. Mets (Matt Harvey-RHP) -over- Miami (David Phelps-RHP)
  • Kansas City (Johnny Cueto-RHP) -over- Detroit (Matt Boyd-LHP)
  • Toronto (Drew Hutchison-RHP) -over- Minnesota (Tyler Duffey-RHP)
  • N.Y. Yankees (Luis Severino-RHP) -over- Boston (Steven Wright-RHP)
  • Houston (Scott Kazmir-LHP) -over- Texas (Nick Martinez-RHP)

Average Matchups

  • Pittsburgh (Jeff Locke-LHP) -over- Chicago Cubs (Dan Haren-RHP)
  • Milwaukee (Taylor Jungmann-RHP) -over- San Diego (Ian Kennedy-RHP)
  • L.A. Angels (Hector Santiago-LHP) -over- Cleveland (Danny Salazar-RHP)
  • Seattle (Taijuan Walker-RHP) -over- Colorado (Chris Rusin-LHP)

Coin Flips (50/50 Matchups)

  • Chicago White Sox (Carlos Rodon-LHP) -vs- Tampa Bay (Erasmo Ramirez-RHP)

High and Low Scoring Games

High scoring games are games in which the matchups indicate that a lot of runs could be scored. These matchups are particularly ideal for stacking daily fantasy players on the same team, hoping for a big day from multiple players.

High Scoring Games

  • Boston -vs- N.Y. Yankees (7:05 PM)
  • Houston -vs- Texas (8:05 PM)
  • Seattle -vs- Colorado (3:10 PM)

Pitcher's Duels (Low Scoring Games)

  • N.Y. Mets -vs- Miami (7:10 PM)


Pitchers to Target or Avoid

Please keep in mind that these pitching recommendations provide best results when used over large sample periods. These picks simply represent the pitchers who have the best chances of having a very good fantasy day compared to other available options.

Pitchers to Target

Pitchers who should be pretty good targets today due to favorable matchups include: Gio Gonzalez and Brett Anderson. There are also other pitchers who should be very good targets today, including: Madison Bumgarner, Carlos Martinez, Johnny Cueto and Drew Hutchison.

Pitchers to Avoid

Be sure to stay away from Steven Wright and Nick Martinez as they are starting in very bad matchups today. These starters are anticipated to struggle today: Taijuan Walker, Chris Rusin and Rubby De La Rosa. Other pitchers who are not expected to succeed today due to unfavorable matchups include: Aaron Harang, Williams Perez, David Holmberg, Matt Boyd and Tyler Duffey. These recommendations will be incorrect from time to time, but over the long run these pitchers have a lower chance of success than the pitchers we recommend targeting based on our metrics.


Players who get rained out can't score points, so it's usually best to stay away from players from games in which there is a high chance of rain: San Francisco at Atlanta (30% chance of rain), St. Louis at Cincinnati (40% chance of rain), N.Y. Mets at Miami (30% chance of rain).

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