Daily Fantasy Baseball Forecast for Thursday, June 04, 2015

Warren Gray here for another day of daily fantasy Fantasy Baseball recommendations. This column offers a high level overview for the days baseball games. We will scrutinize which teams we expect to be the winning teams, high scoring games, low scoring games, potential rain-outs, and starting pitchers who could be a very good start in daily fantasy baseball. Each day we analyze the day ahead in baseball and try to forecast the daily fantasy environment. Today's DFB forecasts are for June 04, 2015. There is not a full slate of games today, only 20 teams are playing today. Today's DFB forecasts are for June 04, 2015. There is not a full slate of games today, only 20 teams are playing today. Without further introduction, It's time to investigate the daily fantasy forecast for the day.


Projected Winners and Losers

In this section we analyze which teams are projected to win today. Great Matchups refer to games in which the odds of the favored team winning are much higher than we normally see. Average matchups indicate that the favored team has a very good chance to win, and coin flips indicate games that are just too close to call with any confidence. Probable pitchers are in parenthesis.

Great Matchups

  • Houston (Dallas Keuchel-LHP) -over- Baltimore (Wei-Yin Chen-LHP)
  • Boston (Steven Wright-RHP) -over- Minnesota (Tommy Milone-LHP)

Average Matchups

  • Cincinnati (Anthony DeSclafani-RHP) -over- Philadelphia (Aaron Harang-RHP)
  • N.Y. Mets (Matt Harvey-RHP) -over- Arizona (Robbie Ray-LHP)
  • Seattle (Roenis Elias-LHP) -over- Tampa Bay (Erasmo Ramirez-RHP)

Coin Flips (50/50 Matchups)

  • Washington (Gio Gonzalez-LHP) -vs- Chicago Cubs (Jake Arrieta-RHP)
  • L.A. Dodgers (Carlos Frias-RHP) -vs- St. Louis (Michael Wacha-RHP)
  • Oakland (Jesse Hahn-RHP) -vs- Detroit (Shane Greene-RHP)
  • Texas (Yovani Gallardo-RHP) -vs- Chicago White Sox (Carlos Rodon-LHP)
  • Kansas City (Chris Young-RHP) -vs- Cleveland (Trevor Bauer-RHP)

High and Low Scoring Games

High scoring games are games in which the statistics indicate that a lot of runs could be scored. These matchups are particularly ideal for stacking daily fantasy players on the same team, hoping for a big day from multiple players. Stacking players on the same team is an ideal strategy in large tournaments in which there are plenty of opponents to beat out. Offensive players depend on each other to score points from runs and RBIs, so choosing players on a team who you expect to score a lot of runs is typically a above average strategy for daily formats in which you are up against a large number of opponents. These are also the matchups in which you most likely want to avoid the starting pitchers and possibly even the bullpens.

High Scoring Games

  • No High Scoring Games Today

Pitcher's Duels (Low Scoring Games)

  • Chicago Cubs -vs- Washington (7:05 PM)


Pitchers to Target or Avoid

These pitching recommendations provide best results when used over large sample periods. These picks simply represent the pitchers who have the best chances of having a above average fantasy day compared to other available options.

Pitchers to Target

Pitchers who should be good targets today due to favorable matchups include: Jake Arrieta, Gio Gonzalez, Dallas Keuchel and Steven Wright.

Pitchers to Avoid

Starters who are projected to be poor options today due to unfavorable matchups include: Wei-Yin Chen and Tommy Milone. These stay away from recommendations aren't bulletproof, but these pitchers have a lower chance of success than the pitchers we recommend targeting based on our metrics.


There are games today that should be avoided due to potential rainouts, including: Chicago Cubs at Washington (80% chance of rain), Cincinnati at Philadelphia (40% chance of rain), N.Y. Mets at Arizona (20% chance of rain) and Cleveland at Kansas City (40% chance of rain).

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