Daily Fantasy Baseball Forecast for Sunday, August 02, 2015

Warren Gray back to study today's slate of baseball games and provide a daily fantasy Baseball forecast. We will provide you with a look at today's games including potential weather issues, high scoring games, pitchers to start or stay away from starting and plenty of other information to get you ready to compete in Daily Fantasy Baseball. Each day I analyze the schedule of baseball games and strive to determine the best games to stack players from or stay away from for daily fantasy baseball. These daily fantasy expectations are for August 02, 2015 and we have a full slate of games to choose players from today. Today's games include multiple possible shootouts for the offensively inclined fan. We also have a game that very likely could be a fantastic choice for daily fantasy starting pitching as we expect very little offence. We will scrutinize the specifics of both of the outlier games shortly. Without further introduction, let's get into the overview for today.


Projected Winners and Losers

Now we will analyze which teams are predicted to win today. Great Matchups describe games in which the odds of the favored team winning are relatively high compared to the average game. Average matchups indicate games that the favored team has a very good chance to win (but not great), and coin flips indicate games that are just too close to call with any confidence. Probable pitchers are listed in parenthesis.

Great Matchups

  • St. Louis (Jaime Garcia-LHP) -over- Colorado (Yohan Flande-LHP)
  • Toronto (R.A. Dickey-RHP) -over- Kansas City (Edinson Volquez-RHP)
  • Baltimore (Ubaldo Jimenez-RHP) -over- Detroit (Daniel Norris-LHP)
  • Oakland (Sonny Gray-RHP) -over- Cleveland (Trevor Bauer-RHP)
  • Houston (Collin McHugh-RHP) -over- Arizona (Robbie Ray-LHP)
  • L.A. Dodgers (Mat Latos-RHP) -over- L.A. Angels (Cory Rasmus-RHP)

Average Matchups

  • Pittsburgh (Charlie Morton-RHP) -over- Cincinnati (Keyvius Sampson-RHP)
  • N.Y. Mets (Noah Syndergaard-RHP) -over- Washington (Jordan Zimmermann-RHP)
  • Chicago White Sox (Jeff Samardzija-RHP) -over- N.Y. Yankees (Ivan Nova-RHP)
  • Seattle (Hisashi Iwakuma-RHP) -over- Minnesota (Mike Pelfrey-RHP)

Coin Flips (50/50 Matchups)

  • Atlanta (Julio Teheran-RHP) -vs- Philadelphia (Adam Morgan-LHP)
  • Milwaukee (Kyle Lohse-RHP) -vs- Chicago Cubs (Clayton Richard-LHP)
  • Boston (Wade Miley-LHP) -vs- Tampa Bay (Jake Odorizzi-RHP)
  • San Francisco (Mike Leake-RHP) -vs- Texas (Martin Perez-LHP)

High and Low Scoring Games

High scoring games are games in which the matchups indicate that a lot of runs could be scored. These matchups are particularly ideal for stacking daily fantasy players on the same team, hoping for a big day from multiple players.

High Scoring Games

  • Pittsburgh -vs- Cincinnati (1:10 PM)
  • Detroit -vs- Baltimore (1:35 PM)
  • Tampa Bay -vs- Boston (1:35 PM)
  • N.Y. Yankees -vs- Chicago White Sox (2:10 PM)
  • San Francisco -vs- Texas (3:05 PM)

Pitcher's Duels (Low Scoring Games)

  • San Diego -vs- Miami (1:10 PM)
  • Washington -vs- N.Y. Mets (8:05 PM)


Pitchers to Target or Avoid

Remember that the pitching recommendations are best used over a large sample size. As you probably know, baseball is a sport in which playing very good matchups wins out over time, but not necessarily every day. Remember to keep this in mind as you play DFS.

Pitchers to Target

Pitchers who should be pretty good targets today due to favorable matchups include: James Shields, Jose Fernandez and Jordan Zimmermann. There are also other pitchers who should be very good targets today, including: Noah Syndergaard, Jaime Garcia, R.A. Dickey, Sonny Gray, Collin McHugh and Mat Latos.

Pitchers to Avoid

Daniel Norris has a very bad matchup today that should certainly be avoided. These starters are anticipated to struggle today: Charlie Morton, Keyvius Sampson, Jake Odorizzi and Wade Miley. There are also other pitchers who should be avoided today, including: Ivan Nova, Jeff Samardzija, Mike Leake, Martin Perez, Yohan Flande, Edinson Volquez, Trevor Bauer, Robbie Ray and Cory Rasmus. These avoid recommendations are best used over the long term. Of course pitchers may have great success despite a lower statistical chance of success before the game, but over the long run using these metrics should provide an advantage.


Your players can't score fantasy points if the game is postponed, so it may be best to stay away from players from these games: San Diego at Miami (30% chance of rain) and Seattle at Minnesota (30% chance of rain).

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