Daily Fantasy Baseball Forecast for Monday, August 03, 2015

Good morning, daily fantasy fantasy baseball players and baseball fans. It's time for another fantasy baseball forecast for daily fantasy players. Bookmark this article series for a glimpse of games each day. We look at high and low scoring games, potential rain-outs, pitching suggestions (start and avoid), and other info to give you an edge in daily fantasy baseball. We are looking for a strategic advantage over the long run by taking the best odds on who to target each day, and it will pay off over the course of the season. These DFB projections are for August 03, 2015. There is not a full docket of games today, there are only 11 games being played today. These DFB projections are for August 03, 2015. There is not a full docket of games today, there are only 11 games being played today. Prepare for an exciting day with multiple shootouts on today's slate of games. We also expect pitching and fielding to dominate in at least a game that could be a very low scoring affair. We will examine the finer points of both of the outlier games shortly. Without further introduction, It is time to evaluate the daily fantasy forecast for the day.

Projected Winners and Losers

In this section we examine which teams are projected to win today. Great Matchups describe games in which the odds of the favorite winning are relatively high compared to the average game. Average matchups indicate games that the favorite has a good chance to win (but not great), and coin flips indicate games that are just too close to call with any confidence. Probable pitchers are listed in parenthesis.

    Great Matchups
  • San Francisco (Matt Cain-RHP) -over- Atlanta (Mike Foltynewicz-RHP)
  • Toronto (David Price-LHP) -over- Minnesota (Ervin Santana-RHP)
  • Seattle (Felix Hernandez-RHP) -over- Colorado (Eddie Butler-RHP)
    Average Matchups
  • Pittsburgh (Francisco Liriano-LHP) -over- Chicago Cubs (Jon Lester-LHP)
  • Houston (Lance McCullers-RHP) -over- Texas (Colby Lewis-RHP)
  • Chicago White Sox (Jose Quintana-LHP) -over- Tampa Bay (Nathan Karns-RHP)
  • L.A. Angels (Garrett Richards-RHP) -over- Cleveland (Corey Kluber-RHP)
    Coin Flips (50/50 Matchups)
  • N.Y. Mets (Bartolo Colon-RHP) -vs- Miami (Tom Koehler-RHP)
  • Milwaukee (Wily Peralta-RHP) -vs- San Diego (Tyson Ross-RHP)
  • Oakland (Jesse Chavez-RHP) -vs- Baltimore (Tyler Wilson-RHP)

High and Low Scoring Games

High scoring games are games in which the matchups indicate that a lot of runs could be scored. These games can be ideal for stacking daily fantasy players on the same MLB team. In larger tournaments, playing many players from the same team can increase the chances that they all have a big day together leading to a higher daily fantasy team score.

    High Scoring Games
  • Houston -vs- Texas (8:05 PM)
  • Seattle -vs- Colorado (8:40 PM)
    Pitcher's Duels (Low Scoring Games)
  • Chicago Cubs -vs- Pittsburgh (7:05 PM)
  • Cleveland -vs- L.A. Angels (10:05 PM)

Pitchers to Target or Avoid

Remember that the pitching recommendations are best used over a large sample size. As you probably know, baseball is a sport in which playing good matchups wins out over time, but not necessarily every day. Remember to keep this in mind as you play DFS.

Pitchers to Target

Pitchers who should be above average targets today due to favorable matchups include: Jon Lester and Francisco Liriano. There are also other pitchers who should be good targets today, including: Corey Kluber, Garrett Richards, Matt Cain and David Price.

Pitchers to Avoid

Be sure to avoid Eddie Butler as the matchup today is very bad. Starters who are projected to be poor options today due to unfavorable matchups include: Lance McCullers, Colby Lewis, Mike Foltynewicz and Ervin Santana. These stay away from recommendations aren't bulletproof, but these pitchers have a lower chance of success than the pitchers we recommend targeting based on our metrics.


Your players can't score fantasy points if the game is postponed, so it may be best to avoid players from these games: Chicago Cubs at Pittsburgh (60% chance of rain), N.Y. Mets at Miami (40% chance of rain) and Seattle at Colorado (30% chance of rain).

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