5 Ways To Get Discounts At Target

Target deperatment store offers many ways to get discounts that most customers are not aware of.  Here are 5 easy ways to get discounts on Cosmetics and anything else at Target Department stores:

  1. Use the Carwheel App.  Target recently debuted the Cartwheel app that gets you additional discounts.  Many Target customers do not know about this yet as Target has not done a great job advertising it, so check it out now.
  2. The top right corner of the target Clearance tag will show the percentage off for markdown.  Wait until the Clearance tag is at the highest 
  3. Target clearance prices ending in .04 indicate the lowest price for that item.
  4. Cosmetics are marked down on Fridays.  If you want to get cheap cosmetics, Friday is the best day.
  5. Sign up for the Target Card.  The Red Card gets your 5% off on everything you but at Target using this card, so if you shop at Target a lot it's absolutely a no brainer.

Bonus:  Bring in any competitors price and Target will match it.