5 Things Bungie Can Do To Improve Destiny

Popular game studio Bungie released Destiny amidst huge success in September, and they hope to keep that success rolling through releases from competing franchises such as Call of Duty and Assassin's Creed.  In order to ensure continued player interest through the release of Destiny's first expansion pack which is set to feature a handful of new maps, missions, strikes and raids, Bungie will need to continue to improve the Destiny experience.  To date, Bungie has done an excellent job of quickly patching issues and responding to the Destiny community.  Here are five things Bungie can do to continue to improve the game as they move toward the release of expansion pack number one.

1. Add Voice Chat Support

Destiny is a social game, and players want to interact with other players in their proximity in more ways than the gestures allow.  Understanding that some players may not enjoy this, it could be an optional toggle with granular mute options to mute obnoxious players.

2. Fix Uneven Loot Distribution

Loot distribution in Destiny is random...  but is it far too random?  Many groups of 6 who have completed the Vault of Glass raid are complaining about unfairly distributed rewards, and rightfully so based on what is taking place.  A group of 6 players can and have completed the raid with 5 of the players recieving only Ascendant Materials as rewards while the other individual player revieves 6 peices of Raid gear - the most coveted equipment of the game.  In my personal experience, I have received 1 peice of raid gear over the course of 3 completed raids while a member of my raid team received 8 peices of raid gear over those same 3 raids.  If one player in a team of 6 can claim literally ALL of the rewards for a multi-hour raid, something is certainly broken here.

3. Raid Matchmaking

Raid matchmaking is already happening, it just isn't integrated into the game.  /r/fireteams on reddit and several other locations across the internet feature Destiny matchmaking, but this could easily be integrated into the game.  It may be

4. More Equipment Variety

Bungie should look at adding more different legendary and exotic equipment to the game.  Currently each class has only a few options for exotic equipment, but the nice thing is that Legendary items that drop randomly (rather than shop purchases) will have random perks.

5. More Unique Content

Destiny needs to continue to add new content, and with the relatively small amount of current content for end-game players combined with the relatively short play-through to the end-game, Destiny needs fresh content.  Most high level players have already completed most of the strikes on Nightfall mode as well as repeated that same strike another time during the Weekly Heroic Strike.  Bungie simply needs to release fresh content to keep players interested as variety is currently limited.

BONUS: Competetive Multiplayer

In order to maintain the interest of competetive players, Bungie needs to continue to adapt the multiplayer experience and create game modes that cater to all types of players.


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