5 Destiny Bugs That Bungie Should Fix ASAP

In an age when it seems that no game launches without plenty of preventable bugs, Bungie's shooter/MMO hybrid Destiny has been a refreshing surprise.  Not only was it refreshing that there were few if any "game-breaking" bugs, but Bungie acted quickly to release patches within the first few weeks of launch.  Bungie also continues to update the game which is almost unheard of in the console world.  

Despite a relatively bug-free launch, a number of rather painful bugs have surfaced that most would like to see fixed immediately, some presumably related to recent patches and others that have just been recently noticed by the community.  Most of these bugs seem like they would be rather easy to fix, so we can hope that they will be patched in the next release. 

5 Destiny Bugs that need quick fixes:

1.  Losing Special and Heavy Ammo When You Die

A lot of exotic and raid-level legendary gear has perks that allow you hold more special and heavy ammo.  The problem with this is that there is a bug that causes guardians to lose some heavy/special ammo on every respawn, which is not supposed to happen.  Players can't even choose to not wear or level up this gear because it is needed to get to the level required to do the Hard Mode Raid.  This seems rather easy to fix, and the aggrevation level to the player is very high. 

2.  Experience Points Are Not Properly Applied When Doing Daily Heroic Missions

The Daily Heroic Mission is a great source of experience points, and most players religiously play the Daily Heroic to get XP and upgrade materials.  A bug that several community members have pointed out is that these Experience points do not apply properly to Weapons and XP is not gained at the correct rate.  This seems rather easy to fix, and the aggrevation level to the player is high.

3.  Assorted Bugs In The Atheon Battle

During the Atheon (final Raid boss) battle many bugs can occur.  Occassionally Atheon will teleport ALL of the members of your fireteam (or at least some variation of the incorrect number of teammates) back in time - which basically automatically causes a "wipe" (everybody dies - try again).  These bugs that cause players to die and start over are especially frustrating when ammo is lost (Bug #1).  These bugs seem possibly more difficult to fix, but players are frustrated with this and have been vocal about it.

 4.  Vault Contents Being Lost

Several players have reported that their Vault has been wiped.  It has been reported that posting about this, should it happen to you, on the Bungie forums is the place to go for getting it restored, but those who know about this bug are concerned it will happen to them.  Bungie has mentioned escalated logging, so at least they should know what you do/did have if this should occur.  This seems rather easy to fix, and the aggrevation level to the player is very high although not common.

5.  Connection Issues

Destiny has been notorious for dropped connections.  Often the error message will blame the internet connection when that is not the problem, which is annoying to many players.  This seems difficult to fix, and although the aggrevation level to the player is rather high it may be a while before this is fixed.  Underlying issues with Xbox Live/Playstation Network may also be part of the problems and these issues may not be entirely correctable by Bungie.

Destiny also has it's share of exploitable glitches, such as Pushing Atheon (final boss) off the edge for an easy kill (harder after patch), infinite grenades, infinite self-revives, infinite rockets and so on.   The overall feeling of the community seems to favor fixing actual bugs that detract from the user experience than fixing these glitches, and logically speaking that seems like a fair opinion.  An exploitable glitch is something that a guardian must actively seek out and use, making it totally avoidable.  A bug such as Heavy/Special ammo disappearing on spawn when it shouldn't impacts everyone negatively and the guardian cannot choose to avoid it. 

Bungie should be releasing a patch in the next week or so, and hopefully we will see most of these bugs fixed. 

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